The Four Types of Dental Cleanings  

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27.02.2022  - 

The Four Types of Dental Cleanings  

If you do not pay attention to your dental health, things will catch up very quickly. Before you know it, you will be confronted with a wide range of dental […]

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20.02.2022  - 

Top reasons you are experiencing tooth pain

Most individuals have suffered from tooth pain at some point in their lifetime. While many people get it diagnosed at the very onset, some keep neglecting it. Torbram Dental in […]

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24.11.2021  - 

Which Holiday Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Restorations?

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing colors, and the days are getting shorter. It’s that special time of the year many people look forward to – the holiday […]

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10.11.2021  - 

Incredible Benefits You Can Reap from Porcelain Veneers

Do you have several flaws and imperfections in your teeth? If so, you’re probably looking for a way to address all your concerns at once. Well, porcelain veneers are an […]

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11.10.2021  - 

5 Tips to Prevent a Scary Smile This Halloween

With 66% of Americans planning to hand out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters this year, there will be abundant opportunities for cavities to form. Though spooky season is a fun time […]

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08.09.2021  - 

How Do You Take Care of Dentures?

Dentures are the most traditional solution for missing teeth. Although they might not be your real teeth, dentures still require proper care to keep them clean, stain-free, and in their […]

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24.08.2021  - 

Dentures – How Long Does It Take to Get Them?

Do you have missing teeth? You might be considering getting dentures. They’re one of the most popular replacement methods that can give you a smile you’ll proudly show off. Plus, […]

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10.08.2021  - 

How Good Oral Health Can Set Your Child Up for Academic Success

Did you know that maintaining good oral health can benefit your child’s academic performance? A recent study discovered that dental problems were significantly associated with reduced school performances and psychosocial […]

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02.07.2021  - 

3 Reasons Summer is Perfect for Dental Implants

Don’t spend another summer hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed by missing teeth. Now is the perfect time to invest in dental implants. Although you might not want to skip […]

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28.06.2021  - 

How the Summer Sun Can Help Your Smile

Spending some time in the summer sun isn’t just refreshing and relaxing; it can also be highly beneficial to your health. Sunlight offers a variety of benefits, from boosting Vitamin […]