Frequently Asked Questions

Can the implant be made for everyone?
The implant can be easily applied to anyone with a suitable oral condition. Implants do not have any allergic reaction. Having systemic diseases such as heart and diabetes, which are kept under control, do not prevent implant treatment.
What is Orthodontic Treatment?
It is the treatment performed with the aim of directing the development of the jaw and face and eliminating the crookedness of the teeth.
Does Braces Damage Teeth While Removing It?
While the wires are being removed, the adhesive that provides the tooth surface of the brackets is easily separated. After the wires are removed, the tooth surface is cleaned and polished. The protective enamel layer of your teeth is not damaged.
Do Wires Affect My Speech?
Wires generally do not affect your speech. However, you will have a certain adaptation period when it is first installed.
What is Root Canal Treatment, How Long Does It Take to Perform?
It is the process of removing the pulp tissue and filling the channels where the nerves are with filling materials compatible with the body in cases where dental caries has progressed to the part of the tooth, which we call pulp, where the nerves and blood vessels are located. Although the treatment can be completed in a single session, it usually takes 2-3 sessions.
What is Gum Recession, Can It Be Stopped?
It is the exposure of the root surface as a result of the movement of the gingiva from its proper position to the root tip. With regular oral care, gum recession can be stopped.
What is Smile Design?
Smile design is to find the ideal smile for the person by applying medicine and art together. It is to plan a healthy smile by combining the personal wishes of the person with health and naturalness.
What Can Be Done to Eliminate Tooth Deficiencies?
Implants, fixed dentures, removable dentures will help to eliminate tooth deficiencies.
What is Fixed Prosthesis?
They are prostheses made with support from existing teeth, implants in the mouth in the absence of one or more teeth, or with the aim of restoring teeth that have lost too much in healthy dental tissue.