Our Technology

Our Advanced Dental Technology

Our Bramption office offers state-of-the-art technology:

  • Laser Dentistry: It works by using a specialized wavelength of light energy that targets water and removes decay without vibration.
  • CEREC: Using cad/cam technology, CEREC creates dental restorations while you wait, allowing procedures that used to take a few visits and several weeks to be performed in one day and one visit.
  • Intraoral Cameras: Intraoral cameras allow us to see what is going on with your oral health, providing an image on a monitor that can be magnified up to 25 times. Using a handpiece that fits comfortably inside your mouth and contains a tiny camera, we can see all of your existing dental work and check for problems. We can also let you see exactly what we’re seeing!
  • Digital X-rays: X-rays are a regular part of your dental exams at Torbram Dental, as they have in dentistry for decades. However, with digital X-rays, we offer a healthier option that provides even more detailed information about your oral health. Digital X-rays emit far less radiation than typical X-rays. They produce images instantly, and these images are produced chairside, allowing you to get a good look at the state of your mouth.
  • Paperless Charting: Maintaining your dental health records with the help of computers is a great way to keep things more organized and cut down on waste. Digital photographs and X-rays can be kept along with other information, making it easy to find quickly during your appointments and showing us a comprehensive overview of your oral health history. Paperless charting is also a green option that’s good for the environment!
  • DIAGNOdent: Traditionally, dentists have used a metal probe to check for tooth decay. This method of cavity detection isn’t complete, however – small spots can be missed by a dental probe, and a probe can even encourage the formation of cavities. However, DIAGNOdent laser technology can detect cavities in the earliest stages of decay, allowing us to provide more successful treatment.
  • Soft-Tissue Laser: Your periodontal health is so important to us, we employ soft-tissue lasers for your non-surgical periodontal therapy, gum grafts, and gum contouring procedures. Dental lasers mean greater precision and healing for more successful – and comfortable – procedures.

Contact us to make an appointment. Torbram Dental in Brampton, Ontario serves patients from nearby communities, including Mississauga, Georgetown, and Woodbridge. General and family dentist Dr. Vince Fava makes sure to use the latest technology to provide quality care for your smile.