Dental Implants

Fully Restore Your Smile from the Roots Up

Most people lose at least one tooth in their lifetime. In fact, about 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and 40 million have no natural teeth remaining. Missing teeth can cause lots of problems with your oral health and wreak havoc on your smile. That’s why the Torbram Dental team offers dental implants in Brampton. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or a full row of teeth, versatile dental implant tooth replacement plans can fully restore your smile from the roots up. To learn more, call our dental office to schedule a dental implant consultation.

Why Choose Torbram Dental for Dental Implants?

  • Entire Dental Implant Procedure Completed Under One Roof
  • Dentist with 20+ Years of Experience
  • We Use the Latest Advanced Dental Implant Technology

What Are Dental Implants?

Traditional tooth replacements sit on top of the gums, only replacing the visible parts of the teeth. Dental implants are the only solution that also replaces the roots that are hidden underneath the gums. The implant itself is a small titanium post that is placed in the jawbone during an oral surgery. The bone eventually grows around the implant, creating a sturdy and lasting foundation. Then, a metal connector piece called an abutment is placed, which attaches the implant to your custom-made restoration (dental crown, bridge, or denture).

Because dental implants rebuild the entire structure of lost teeth, most dentists, including Dr. Vince Fava, believe they are by far the most comprehensive and beneficial way to replace missing teeth.

The 4 Step Dental Implant Process

Understanding how dental implants work in Brampton requires a timely discussion with a member of our team. You’ll be pleased to learn that the entire process can be completed in-house, allowing you to remain in one convenient location for start-to-finish treatment. While it is true that receiving dental implants can take several months or even a full year, the 30+ year lifespan of these prosthetics is well worth the investment in your time and money. Depending on the complexity of your case, the timeline can vary; however, the process very much remains the same.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Why choose dental implants over traditional dentures and bridges? Simply put, it’s because there are many advantages that come from having replacement tooth roots that don’t come from new teeth that merely rest on the gums or existing teeth. Below are some of the reasons that we highly recommend dental implants to anyone who is considered a viable candidate for the procedure. Please get in touch with our team if you’d like to learn more about how implants could end up improving your smile as well as your life.

Who Dental Implants Can Help

When you’ve lost one or more teeth, we’ll get started creating your personalized treatment plan at a tooth replacement consultation. Each plan will be different, but we will usually recommend the following:

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

For most people, dental implants are by far the best option for tooth replacement. Their high quality does come at a higher price compared to other methods. However, patients who choose this option agree it is well worth the investment for a long-lasting replacement that promotes better oral and overall health for a lifetime to come. The total cost will depend on a few factors – and once we know the cost, we can begin discussing how to make dental implants affordable.

Dental Implant Technology

In order to simplify dental implant-supported tooth replacement plans and improve success rates, we utilize the most innovative techniques and technologies. This includes 3D CT scans and guided dental implant surgery. The goal of the advanced technologies utilized in dental implant treatment plans is to deliver comfortable, effective dental care as quickly as possible with minimal discomfort, faster healing times, and greater long-term success.

Dental Implant FAQs

If you’re interested in dental implants in Brampton, it’s normal to have several questions about the road ahead. There isn’t any reason to worry because we’ll explain everything during your consultation. To help calm your nerves until your appointment, here are the answers to a few of the most frequent questions our patients ask us about dental implants.

Simrit has been working at Torbram Dental since 2001. She started her career with Assisting/Treatment co-ordinating and then moved on to becoming the Hygiene Co Ordinator in 2005. In 2012 she took on a new role as the Marketing Director. Though she loved being the Marketing Director, in 2015 she became the Office Manager of Torbram Dental. She completed her Level 1 Dental Assisting program with Career Canada in 1996 and then went on to complete her Level II Dental Assisting Diploma with Southwestern Medix in 1999. That is when she received NDAEB Certification. Simrit has been and still is an active member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association since 2000. She enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband and two kids and loves to explore new restaurants, especially high-tea venues.

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Jessica, one of our receptionists, is one of the smiling faces you see when you arrive at the office. She graduated with honours from Medix College with a diploma as a Level 2 Dental Assistant. When she is not happily helping our patients, Jessica enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, going to church on Sunday mornings, gardening and going on hikes.

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Naudia has been working at Torbram Dental for many years and is a valued member of our administrative team: as a dental receptionist and in our marketing team . She graduated from Everest College with honours level 1 and 2, with a diploma in Dental Assisting. Naudia is always there for our patients, making sure that they receive the care and attention they deserve. When not at the office, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and indulging in civil court TV shows.

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Ramandeep has been a part of Torbram Dental for the past 10 years as certified dental assistant. She obtained her level 1 certification from Everest college in Brampton in 2013, and then her level 2 certification in 2014 from Medix college. Her career path through the clinic has been recognized by staff at all levels who admire her work ethic and dedication to million dollar smiles. In her spare time, Ramandeep enjoys cooking and gardening, and spending time with her husband and 2 kids.

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Sana is a valued member of our dental hygiene team. In 2008 she completed her education at George Brown in Dental Assisting and in 2016 she earned her diploma in Dental Hygiene from the Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Sciences. Sana has been working in dentistry since 2008 and enjoys taking care of our patients and helping them with their oral health. She is married and is busy with her 2 young children. In her spare time, Sana enjoys going out with the family, trying out new places to eat and is looking forward to travelling with them in the future.

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Sanaria has been working at Torbram Dental for many years as a valued member of our Dental Assisting Team. She completed her level 2 dental assisting certification and previously obtained a degree in Education and worked as a quality control officer in the pharmaceutical industry. When not at work Sanaria loves to bake and cook. She also loves story time and enjoying the outdoors with her children. She always sees the positive side of life, believes that nothing is impossible and that if you set a goal and work at it, that you will make your dreams come true.

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Carrie has been working at Torbram Dental since 2001. She graduated from George Brown College in 1998 with a Dental Assistant Diploma and continued to further her education by completing a Dental Hygiene Diploma in 2001 at Durham College. Carrie is a highly trained and experienced Registered Dental Hygienist who continues to learn and grow by updating her knowledge to provide her clients with the best Oral Health Care techniques and information. Carrie is passionate about Dentistry and is known for her gentle and compassionate manner. She feels strongly about building lasting relationships and trust with her clients to help them understand that good Oral Health leads to good Overall Health. Carrie enjoys travelling, dabbling in decorating and a good Netflix series in her time off. Carrie resides in Halton Hills with her husband and two children.

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Daniela's interest in Dentistry began in Gr.6 when she wrote a speech entitled "My Life as a Toothbrush".
A Registered Dental Hygienist with 22 years of clinical experience, Daniela still has a great passion for her career. The most rewarding aspect for her is building lasting relationships with her patients, and seeing them through to a healthier smile.
Her thorough yet gentle touch will ensure a comfortable visit every time.
Daniela is a total Foodie and loves to cook and enjoys all types of cuisines. She loves Florida, Cruises, organizing things, and most of all spending time with family and friends.

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Stephanie Enjoys getting to know all new patients at Torbram Dental and catching up with long standing Patients. Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her family. One of her favorite things to do with her daughter is teach and play the piano. Stephanie likes going on walks with her husband and enjoys spending as much time with him as he is an Active Member of the Canadian Army. On Sundays, Stephanie enjoys going to Church and looks forward to Sunday Dinner with her entire family. Stephanie's Favorite thing to do to start her day right is head to her local Starbucks and Grab her favorite drink, an iced black tea with light lemonade on warm days and a blonde vanilla latte on those cold winter days.

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As a dedicated Dental Hygienist at Torbram Dental, Aalisha brings recent knowledge and experience to ensure the best oral health for our patients. She holds a Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries and has further enriched her education with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo. Beyond her professional qualifications, Aalisha has a zest for life that extends beyond the dental chair. She cherishes quality time with family and friends, thrives on outdoor adventures, and has a passion for hiking and water-based activities, especially during the sunny summer days. She is an avid traveler, exploring tropical paradises and historic destinations while immersing herself in diverse cultures and indulging in delicious culinary experiences."

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Supreet was born and raised in Punjab, India and came to Canada in 2016. She graduated from Sheridan College as an Environmental Lab Technician but later decided to change her career to dentistry. She completed her Level I and II Intra-Oral Dental Assisting course from George Brown College and graduated in 2023. In July 2023, Supreet joined the team at Torbram Dental where she enjoys working. In her free time, she loves to read books.

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