Top reasons you are experiencing tooth pain

Torbram Dental weighs in on the top reasons one may experience tooth pain. (Source: Dentistry & You, powered by Dear Doctor Magazine, 03/28/2016, .) 

Most individuals have suffered from tooth pain at some point in their lifetime. While many people get it diagnosed at the very onset, some keep neglecting it. Torbram Dental in Brampton shares how dental problems are a silent epidemic. People only realize the importance of dental health only when it is too late. If you do not want to make that mistake, it is essential to pay attention to the early signs of dental diseases and issues. 


Children routinely suffer from cavities due to bad eating habits. Cavities happen when oral bacteria start consuming food that remains within our teeth. It causes tiny holes in your teeth that may cause mild to extreme pain. Once your enamel layer decays and the dentin layer is exposed, it can cause a lot of teeth pain. Torbram Dental explains, “cavities can definitely be painful; therefore, prevention is crucial, especially for young ones. In order to prevent cavities, it is recommended to brush, floss or rinse after each meal. Frequent snacking and sipping without rinsing or drinking water, mouth bacteria has a chance to wreak havoc. Therefore, if your going to snack and sip all day, try to squeeze in some fresh water or oral rinses. A great way to prevent cavities is by scheduling a professional cleaning. A professional teeth cleaning visit can help remove plaque and help the dentist catch early signs of any abnormalities. Allowing the discussion of the correct treatment before it gets worse. Regular visits with the dentist and routine dental cleanings are part of good oral hygiene practices.”

Enamel erosion 

Acid reflux can cause erosion of enamels. When gastric acids and acidic food come in contact with your enamel, it can slowly wear over time. It can cause considerable tooth pain depending on the level of enamel erosion. Torbram Dental shares, “one way to protect your enamel is by understanding the influences in which disturb its composition. Fruit drinks, soft drinks, sour foods (especially sour candies), dry mouth/low saliva, frequent vomiting, certain medications, and gastrointestinal issues can all play a part in enamel erosion. Discuss with your dentist if you have any concerns regarding your enamel.”

Incorrect filling 

When treated for cavities, your dentist will use fillings to mitigate the problem. However, the filling can displace or chip off, causing food particles to enter the cavity. That is one of the main reasons for tooth pain for people previously suffering from cavities. It can also happen from the incorrect use of veneers. Torbram Dental ensures that their patients do not have to suffer from faulty fillings as the appropriate measures are put into practice, including proper alignment.  

Broken or damaged teeth 

Our teeth are vulnerable to regular wear and tear and accidents. Hard biting, jaw clenching, or teeth grinding can lead to fissures and cracks in your enamel. If the nerve endings come into contact with external elements, it can cause considerable tooth pain. When dealing with broken teeth, you can get a lot of relief from cosmetic dentistry. Torbram Dental expresses, “cosmetic dental work can include veneers, caps/crowns and dental implants. Cosmetic dental work can significantly improve dental pain and enhance the individual’s overall appearance. Chipped teeth, decay, or poorly shaped teeth can interfere with the individual’s bite and chewing behavior, resulting in pressure and exposed nerve endings over time. It is best to have broken and damaged teeth corrected as soon as possible.” 

Periodontal disease 

Periodontal diseases are infections in tissues caused by bacterial biofilm (plaque). It is a severe dental issue that can cause many problems in the long run. The problem occurs along your gums and can reach way up into the dental pulp through teeth roots. Torbram Dental shares, “when it comes to periodontal disease, there are a few signs to pay close attention to besides tooth pain. You may experience loose teeth, bleeding gums, red or swollen gums. You may also experience painful chewing, gums that pull away from the tooth, or changes in how your teeth fit together. If you have noticed any one of these symptoms, contact your dentist.” 


Abscess refers to puss-filled sacs which generally occur between tooth gaps or roots. It can be excruciatingly painful if not treated at the right time. Torbram Dental explains, “there are many reasons as to why one may experience a tooth abscess. What it is essential to note is that it must not be ignored. Infections can travel beyond the area. An infection can move to the jaw, neck, head, and even other parts of the body or face. Speak to your dentist as soon as you can if you suspect a tooth abscess.”   

Gum Recession 

Receding gums are a common reason behind tooth pain. It causes pain when the gum roots are exposed. If you use the wrong toothbrush or brushing techniques, you would be vulnerable to gum recession. Torbram Dental shares, “exposed roots are so sensitive it can even be affected by temperature. Harsh or incorrect brushing techniques are not the only cause of receding gums.  Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and trauma also play a role. Depending on the severity, the three most common treatments may include antibiotics, deep cleaning, or surgery. Ask your dentist how you can avoid gum recession and which oral hygiene tools are best for you.” 

Recent dental cleaning 

Routine dental cleanings are essential for good oral health. However, if post-treatment procedures are not followed correctly, you can experience tooth pain after recent dental work. It is especially common after teeth whitening treatments. If you suspect this to be the reason, get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible. Torbram Dental expresses, “before any cleaning or dental work, your dentist should have an in-depth conversation with you on what to expect during and after the procedure.  

A recent dental cleaning or dental work will naturally leave you feeling a bit tender. However, the pain will subside, and you can continue your day. If the pain is persistent or worsens, revisit with your dentist.” 

Torbram Dental firmly believes in the role of dental health influencing and positively impacting overall well-being. Which also includes the part of cosmetic dentistry. Routine dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of our physical health in the modern world. Your oral health will shine bright by following a basic dental care routine and regularly visiting your dentist. Contact Torbram Dental today for all your dental needs! 

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