Dr. Fava and Your Children's Teeth

shutterstock_118749670At Torbram Dental, we emphasize the importance of your child’s teeth, and Dr. Vince Fava is ready and able to start your child off in the right direction. We understand that some children may have anxieties visiting dentists, which is why knowledgeable team is ready to welcome them with open arms and friendly smiles.

Child dentistry is very important as it helps prevent problems before they arise as well as sets up your child for success in the future. Common practices in children’s dentistry are dental sealants. Because a child’s tooth is more susceptible to cavities and decay, sealants grant protection by having a plastic covering painted in the grooves of the tooth to save from harm in the future. Sealants are primarily applied to premolars and permanent molars, given the grooves are deeper than the other teeth and more susceptible to deterioration.

Along with sealants, fluoride treatments are also involved in child dentistry. Fluoride plays a part in preventing decay as well as acts as a magnet for attracting other minerals, like Calcium and Phosphate, to build strong teeth. Although fluoride does not prevent cavities from emerging, it may delay their arrival, giving your child a better chance to have beautiful, healthy teeth. Beginning routine brushing and flossing habits early on is a sure way of having your child’s smile be as beautiful as possible, and  Dr. Fava as well as the Torbram Dental team are here to make sure your child has an awesome experience.

At Torbram DentalDr. Vince Fava offers quality general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to ensure excellent oral health. Our Brampton dental office serves patients from Mississauga, Georgetown and WoodbridgeCall us today to learn more or schedule your next appointment.

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