Is it Possible to Heal Our Teeth?

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12.03.2023  - 

Is it Possible to Heal Our Teeth?

Although our teeth are living parts of our body, it does not heal like our skin. Many cosmetic dentistry scientists continue researching ways to help regrow damaged teeth cells. In […]

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12.02.2023  - 

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain in the Morning?

Torbram Dental weighs in on tooth pain experienced in the morning. (Source: Healthline, Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Wake Up? 7 Common Causes, by Corey Whelan, Medically reviewed […]

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15.01.2023  - 

New Year, New Me, New Resolutions

It is finally a new year; another 365 days passed. It means another chance to improve our lifestyles and, of course, our health by establishing some long-term goals. However, looking […]

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18.12.2022  - 

Treat yourself to a healthy smile this holiday season

We’re into December 2022, and the holidays are here! During the festive period, we tend to indulge more in the consumption of food and drinks compared to other times of […]

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15.11.2022  - 

Holiday Dental Tips

Torbram Dental weighs in on ten great tips for the holiday season. (Source: Absolute Dental, Top 10 Dental Tips For The Holidays, October 12, 2021, ). Holidays will be upon […]

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16.10.2022  - 

Celebrate Healthy Smiles For Halloween

This Halloween, let’s look at ten helpful dental care tips to guard your oral health! Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it’s also hard on your teeth. You […]

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15.09.2022  - 

Avoid These Dental Behaviours

Torbram Dental weighs in on the ten worst behaviours for your teeth. (Source: Dentistry & You, powered by Dear Doctor Magazine, November 5, 2016, ).   A beautiful smile […]

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14.08.2022  - 

Tooth Infection: Home remedies

A tooth abscess is a buildup of pus in the tooth cavity, often caused by bacterial infection. People often mistakenly dismiss toothaches and associated symptoms as harmless in the initial […]

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15.07.2022  - 

Don’t forget to clean your oral appliances

Retainers, night guards, and dentures are all examples of oral appliances. Thousands of individuals rely on them to restore or sustain their dental health. The recent tech advancements are evident […]