Why You Should Have a Dental First Aid Kit

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26.03.2023  - 

Why You Should Have a Dental First Aid Kit

Do you have a first-aid kit at home? Most people will answer ‘yes’ to this question. Now, do you have a dental first aid kit? Well, if you don’t, get […]

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All About Dental Erosion and What to Do About It

Do you find cracks and grooves on your teeth? You could be facing dental erosion. Worry not! There are preventive actions and cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help you get […]

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05.03.2023  - 

Snacks You May Want to Re-think

Do you have a habit of snacking? Surprisingly, some of the most popular snack foods are bad for your oral health. Has your family dentist suggested dietary changes during your […]

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Oral Care and Pregnancy

Can oral health affect pregnancy? Hormonal changes and medications during pregnancy can make you more susceptible to developing oral health issues. Vomiting often due to morning sickness also exposes your […]

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09.02.2023  - 

Common causes and solutions for your toothache

Where does tooth pain come from   Our teeth are formed by many layers. The uppermost hard-shell layer is enamel, then comes the bony dentin cells. After that, there is the […]

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22.01.2023  - 

How to Choose the Right Dental Products

Choosing the right products makes keeping up with a regular oral care routine easier. It will also help to achieve the desired results. Now, do you know what to look […]

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08.01.2023  - 

Habits that Help Keep Your Teeth White

Have you caught yourself cringing when you see someone with yellow teeth? You do not want to end up like them, right? Here are the top eight habits you should […]

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01.01.2023  - 

How to Maintain Your Oral Care Resolutions

Every year we make resolutions but find it an uphill task to follow them. Are you facing this dilemma with your oral care goals? What if we say you can […]

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11.12.2022  - 

Is your smile holiday ready?

The holiday season is a fabulous time to show your others how much they mean to you. With all the joy and cheer in the air, you can’t help but […]

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04.12.2022  - 

All About Plaque And How To Prevent It

Plaque is a substance that forms on the surface of teeth and causes stains on your teeth. It can also cause cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. However, it is […]