Treat yourself to a healthy smile this holiday season

We’re into December 2022, and the holidays are here! During the festive period, we tend to indulge more in the consumption of food and drinks compared to other times of the year. However, this indulgence can impact our dental health adversely. Read on to know what the experts at Torbram Dental have to share for maintaining dental health to make the happy days ahead even more joyful. (Source: Oral Health Foundation, Keeping a healthy smile- the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas, December 9, 2019, ).

Here’s to Healthy, Happy Holidays!

Go easy on the sugar

Torbram Dental shares, “keep a check on sugar consumption.” Remember, alcoholic beverages are high in sugar, so if you consume sweets at the same time, you are likely to require dental cleaning in early 2023.

Oral bacteria feed on sugar, and in the process, it accelerates tooth decay. Right now, tooth decay is the primary cause of tooth loss.

So, restrict your sweet intake this festive season and turn to sugar-free alternatives. However, if that seems like too much compromise, only eat sweets during meals.

Limit alcohol consumption

Torbram Dental shares, “excessive alcohol consumption can lead to enamel erosion.” Dental enamel is a protective barrier that serves as the last line of defense between potentially harmful physical, chemical, and thermal forces and your mouth’s vital tissues.

As more and more alcohol is consumed, the enamel erosion accelerates. By the end of the festive season, you may be left with horrifying hangovers and high pain and sensitivity in your teeth.

So, Torbram Dental shares, “moderating alcohol use in the holiday season is the best way to prevent alcohol-related dental damage.” Don’t go beyond 14 units a week; spread it out over 3 – 4 days. This can go a long way toward reducing enamel erosion risks and give you a few alcohol-free days to recover and rejuvenate.

Maintain dental health routine

The holiday season comes with tons of daily activities and plans. This can make it hard for some people to keep up with their dental health practices. For instance, a person who brushes two times a day every day may end up brushing once.

Torbram Dental shares, “people should brush twice daily, and each brushing session should last for at least 2 minutes.” Brush as soon as you wake up in the morning and again immediately before you turn in for the night.

Also, perform thorough teeth cleaning using interdental brushes once every day. These brushes can reach deeper areas in the teeth that regular toothbrushes can’t reach.

Keep up water consumption

No beverage is better than water for your teeth. Why? Torbram Dental shares, “when you drink water, it eliminates acids and reduces the risks associated with decay and erosion.”

Water also has an abundance of fluoride, a mineral that makes dental enamel acid-resistant. Most toothpaste products on the market contain fluoride for the exact same purpose.

Be sure to drink a good amount of water after meals. Most of the acid buildup in the mouth happens as we eat. So, washing it down with water ensures that the acids don’t get to stick around and wreak havoc in the mouth.

Holiday deals!

Torbram Dental shares, “there’s a wide variety of steal deals during the festive season.” So, get the best dental services, tools, and products at affordable prices. The best time to resolve your dental issues is before the holiday starts.

You could also wait for the turn of the year and get the problems fixed. Torbram Dental shares, “holiday deals are set to last a few days into the new year as well.”

Lastly, to ensure a healthy holiday season and a healthy New Year, always keep in touch with your dentist and healthcare professionals; they can guide you on the most suitable healthy solutions for your specific needs. 

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