Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Brampton

Minimally Invasive Dental Treatment

Laser dentistry is changing the way our patients receive important care. As the videos above demonstrate, laser dentistry is even making a regular procedure like fillings more comfortable and less invasive.

Laser dentistry preps teeth for fillings using a specialized wavelength of light energy that targets water and removes decay without causing vibrations. As a result, Dr. Fava’s Brampton patients can look forward to a wide range of benefits.

In the vast majority of cases, we can prep teeth for fillings without the need of a single needle. Instead, our patients can avoid the pinch that comes with a local anesthetic, and the two to three hours of numbness that follows.

Laser dentistry also decreases the likelihood of needing a drill at all. For patients who dislike the sounds and sensations caused by dental drills, that’s a big relief.

What’s more, when laser dentistry is used to prep teeth for fillings instead of a drill, there’s less damage to the remaining tooth. Drilling can often cause cracks, but laser dentistry targets and affects only what needs to be treated.

To make sure as many of our patients benefit from this great service, we’re happy to provide it at no extra charge.

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