Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges – Brampton, ON

Beautifully Fill the Gap in Your Smile

As you may already know if you have a gap in your grin, missing even just one tooth can throw your mouth off balance and result in a slew of oral health problems. Not to mention, no one wants to be known as the person with an empty space in their smile. Here at Torbram Dental, we want you to enjoy all the benefits of an attractive, complete smile. One way to achieve that goal is with a restoration known as a fixed bridge. Contact us today to learn more about fixed bridges and whether they’re right for your smile.

What Are Fixed Bridges?


A traditional fixed bridge, also known as a dental bridge, consists of several dental crowns strung together to replace a few missing teeth in a row. Two of these crowns fit over your abutment teeth, which are the remaining teeth at either end of the gap in your grin. Pontics, or artificial teeth, are placed in between in order to literally bridge the gap, which is where this restoration gets its name. Fixed bridges are typically very sturdy and can last a long time with the proper maintenance.

You could also ask your dentist in Brampton about a bridge held in place with dental implants. With this treatment, the pontics are supported by small, surgically placed titanium posts meant to replicate the structure of your lost tooth roots. Implant-retained bridges tend to be even stronger and last much longer than traditional bridges.

Benefits of Fixed Bridges


Fixed bridges offer a variety of benefits for both your appearance and your oral health. Some of these advantages include:

  • Because our bridges are made of dental porcelain, they resemble natural tooth enamel almost perfectly. Onlookers shouldn’t be able to tell that your bridge isn’t a “real” part of your smile.
  • Traditional bridges last about 10 years on average. If you take good care of it with proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, you could extend its lifespan even longer.
  • Fixed bridges prevent your remaining natural teeth from drifting into the gap left behind by your missing pearly whites.
  • Bridges are typically quite sturdy, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite crunchy and chewy foods with ease.

The Process of Getting a Fixed Bridge


For a traditional bridge, the installation will take place over the course of two appointments with either Dr. Fava or Dr. Babahami. During the first of these visits, we’ll prepare your abutment teeth by removing the outermost sliver of enamel. We’ll then take impressions of that area of your mouth, sending that data off to a partnered dental lab, where your custom restoration will be crafted to our exact specifications. In the meantime, we can place a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and let you get used to the way it will feel in your mouth.

A few weeks later, your permanent bridge will be ready. You’ll simply return to our Brampton office and we’ll set it in place. We might recommend that you come back for a few follow-up appointments to make sure your bridge fits properly within your bite and doesn’t cause any problems.