Dr. Fava: Your Family Dentist in Brampton, ON

family dentistThink of all the things you share with family members: a secret, the bathroom, and the last piece of cake to name only a few. Doesn’t it just make sense to share a dentist, too? Dr. Vince Fava is a family dentist in Brampton, ON, who can take care of everyone in your family, from toddlers whose teeth are just beginning to erupt to adults whose smiles need restoration and repair.

General and Preventive Dentistry

For Dr. Fava and his team of dental hygienists and dental assistants at Torbram Dental, the number one goal is prevention. If we can prevent dental problems before they begin, then we’ve won half the battle. In fact, dentistry is designed for prevention—that’s why every member of your family is encouraged to see Dr. Fava at least twice each year for a dental checkup. These appointments give us the opportunity to prevent problems with a professional cleaning, and spot problems early before they get out of hand.

At your dental checkup, we use digital x-rays as well as an intraoral camera and the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection device to create a comprehensive overview of your oral health and to help us find the early signs of tooth decay. Of course, one of our skilled dental hygienists will clean your teeth and remove plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease.

Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Fava recommends getting an early start on dental care for children. The sooner you bring your child in to see the dentist, the sooner they become comfortable with the sights and sounds in the office. They also learn to make a habit of regular dentist appointments.

Believe it or not, your child’s first appointment should be by the time they are a year old. At this stage, Dr. Fava can examine the development of their smiles and the positioning of primary teeth. Yes, those little teeth will fall out someday, but in the meantime they are important placeholders for permanent teeth.

Periodontal Therapy from the Dentist in Brampton, ON

Anyone at any age is susceptible to periodontal disease, which is a bacterial infection that attacks gum tissue and—if left untreated—the bone structure underneath the gums that hold your teeth in place. Caught early, gum disease can sometimes be controlled with more stringent brushing and flossing at home. For treatment in our office, we use a soft-tissue laser to clean below the gum line and promote faster healing.

Call Your Brampton Family Dentist Today

To schedule a dental checkup for any member of your family with the dentist Brampton, ON, trusts for complete dental care, call the office of Torbram Dental. We’ll be glad to make your family part of our family!

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