How Dental Implants in Brampton Can Solve Your Missing Tooth Problems

An illustration of dental implants.Whether you’re aging or you lose a tooth after an accident, you might think it’s okay to put off finding a replacement. However, your dentist says dental implants in Brampton are the best solution to replacing those missing teeth. And it’s not just for aesthetic purposes either.

Failing to replace missing teeth will only lead to future health complications you’d much rather avoid. To learn what these issues are and how dental implants can prevent them, keep reading to learn more about dental implants.

Your Jawbone Becomes Much Weaker

When your jaw loses teeth, it affects the relationship between your tooth and bone. Teeth stimulate the gum and bone, so when that stimulation disappears, it causes two things to happen. Not only do your gums begin receding, but your jawbone will start to shrink.

The bone that used to support your teeth eventually becomes resorbed and you experience a loss of bone volume. The key to maintaining this bone and muscle in your jaw is by replacing the tooth roots, as these are responsible for transmitting mechanical forces connected to chewing. Furthermore, basic acts like eating will be affected because the shape of your mouth changes when you’re missing teeth.

Drifting Teeth and Bite Changes

With empty spaces in your mouth, your remaining teeth will attempt to compensate. Eventually they will move into the empty space which can make dramatic changes to your bite. As your bite changes, you risk problems for your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint.

You also may notice more tooth pain as missing teeth can increase problems with teeth grinding. As you start grinding more, tooth enamel will become worn down and put you at higher risk for cavities and tooth decay. In fact, many everyday tasks will become more burdensome the longer your teeth are missing.

Everyday Tasks Are More Difficult

With more pockets available, plaque and tartar have more room to hide and will start to accumulate in those empty spaces. Simple tasks like brushing become more difficult, especially when remaining teeth start moving into awkward places to fill the space. Speaking may even become more difficult as teeth knock against other teeth and your gums.

It’s these reasons and more why people are pursuing dental implants in Brampton as a solution.

Dental Implants Fill the Void

Did you know that dental implants are the only form of tooth-replacement that stimulates bone growth and maintains the muscle in your jaw? Unlike dentures or partial dentures, dental implants act as prosthetic roots and prevent all the mentioned and more from happening. Additionally, your face is less likely to sink or change shape because the gums supporting it are being stimulated by the implant.

Dental implants also make your everyday tasks just as simple as before. They are meant to be treated like natural teeth, so no changes in eating or brushing are necessary to accommodate them.

Don’t let missing teeth affect your long-term oral health. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Brampton today to learn more about the benefits of dental implants!

About the Author

Dr. Vince Fava earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McMaster University and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto. After completing his internship at The Toronto Hospital, he sought additional training in surgery, anesthesia, and managing medically compromised patients. He’s been in private practice since 1999 and continues to increase his clinical knowledge and skills through many dental education groups. To learn more about his practice and dental implant treatments, contact him at (905) 792-7163 or visit his website.

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