Brampton Dentist Honors April as Facial Protection Month!

Your Brampton dentist can help protect your children from athletic injuries. There’s a noticeable difference in children that regularly participate in athletic activities. Boys and girls that take part in sports seem to be more confident, value the sense of competition and achievement, and build character through hard work and dedication. On the flipside, there’s always higher chances for injury if they aren’t protected properly. How prevalent are sports related injuries? The American Dental Assistants Association found that about 5 million teeth are lost due to sports-related injuries. 25% of those teeth being the top front teeth. Your Brampton dentist hopes to reduce the risk of tooth loss in our active children by presenting the importance of wearing custom athletic mouthguards this month. April is the perfect time since it’s Facial Protection Month!



Why are custom athletic mouthguards important?

Contemplating purchasing a mouthguard for your son or daughter is already a step in the right direction for your child’s dental health, but it is important to weigh out the best options. Yes, it’s easier just buy a “one size fits all” mouthguard from your local sports store, but the customization of a mouthguard from Torbram Dental has many advantages. Our doctors use their expertise in preventive dentistry to make each guard highly-personalized. We’re able to adjust the thickness of each guard depending on your child’s grinding and clenching habits. No two athletic guards from our office are the same, unlike over-the-counter mouthguards. Some of the benefits of custom mouthguards from Torbram Dental include:

  • Create a buffer between the soft tissues of the lips, cheeks, and teeth.
  • Provide psychological benefits to athletes—allowing them to be more confident and aggressive while playing sports.
  • Prevent tooth fractures or dislocations by redistributing the forces of impact.
  • Provide positive reinforcement in preventing neck injuries.
  • Supports jaws with increased support and stability.

Which sports need custom athletic mouthguards?

Although some sports aren’t all about dominating your opponent with physical size and strength, there are physical battles that happen consistently throughout each game. Playing sports put players at risk for damaging or losing their teeth. Customized mouthguards from Torbram Dental can help protect athletes from accidental injuries. One of our four expert dentists can provide you a specially crafted mouthguard that fits your unique smile for maximum comfort, allowing all athletes to perform their absolute best on or off the court/field. The American Dental Association (ADA) and Academy of Sports Dentistry (ASD) recommend extra mouth protection for these sports:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts
  • Ice Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Water Polo

How can my child get their custom athletic mouthguard?

During a dental visit, our doctors will have the chance to evaluate your son or daughter’s mouth thoroughly. We can take the impressions for the mouthguard there and explain how to use it correctly to protect your mouth. We can also explain the cleaning habits that will keep your mouthguard strong throughout the athletic seasons. Call today to schedule an appointment. Facial Protection Month is the perfect time to start taking initiative for you and your child’s dental health with excellent preventive care!


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