Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain in the Morning?

Torbram Dental weighs in on tooth pain experienced in the morning. (Source: Healthline, Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Wake Up? 7 Common Causes, by Corey Whelan, Medically reviewed by Jennifer Archibald, DDS, August 31, 2021, ).

One of the most common tooth-related complaints is severe toothache when you wake up in the morning, making an emergency dentist visit necessary. Corey Whelan, writing for Healthline, explains how there could be several reasons for this. Even a simple sinus infection can bring it on, the article says. “If the pain is concentrated in the upper back teeth, your sinuses could well be the culprit,” Torbram Dental elaborates. “Sinusitis causes the tissues in the sinuses to swell up, causing pain.”

Another reason outlined by Corey for toothache at the wake-up time is bruxism, which definitely warrants an emergency dentist appointment. Bruxism or teeth grinding in sleep can cause more damage, such as earache, headache, and jaw pain. Torbram Dental adds how bruxism can cause severe damage to your teeth. It can lead to a condition called temporomandibular disorder or TMD, as well as broken down teeth that are extremely sensitive. “Mouthguards are a simple, effective, and non-invasive solution to bruxism that can safeguard your teeth while preventing all the other adverse effects of teeth grinding,” the dental experts point out. 

When cavities are the root cause of the toothache, Corey Whelan explains that it could indicate how the condition may have been ignored for too long. Torbram Dental adds a word of caution here too. “Untreated cavities are serious. They can lead to abscesses and spread to various other parts of the body. In children, untreated cavities can affect their playing and learning too. It can seriously affect your overall health, which is why routine dental checkups and dental cleaning at your dentist’s advice are very important. A thorough dental cleaning can avert the need for a painful tooth extraction that follows a bad infection,” they caution. 

Another painful problem that can be averted with regular dental cleaning is periodontitis, writes Whelan. “If not caught in early stages, periodontitis can destroy the underlying bone. The condition can get very painful, prompting an emergency dentist visit and possibly tooth extraction. To prevent tooth loss, all you have to do is pay attention to oral hygiene. ” Remember to care for your gums as much as your teeth,” says Torbram Dental experts. “Often, we ensure the ‘brushing twice a day’ routine, but we ignore the flossing. Including both in the daily routine and scheduling dentist visits regularly is a simple way to keep plaque from turning into tartar. It is tartar that is tough to remove with simple brushing/ flossing. Only through dental cleaning can we get rid of it effectively,” explains the dentist at Torbram Dental. 

Whelan and Torbram Dental reiterate that to prevent painful tooth conditions that may end with tooth extraction, the right kind of care is critical. “Ask your dentist what you should be doing, when, and how. Even missing out on knowing how long you should be brushing each time can compromise oral health,” the Torbram Dental dentist reminds. 

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