What to expect from a professional teeth whitening kit in Brampton

Who doesn’t want to have a dazzling, white smile? This is why teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments. Over time, your teeth can get stained. If you want to make your smile beam bright and white, Opalescence is the perfect professional product. However, before you make a decision, there are some things that you should know, including what to expect from a professional at-home teeth whitening kit. 

What to do before using a teeth whitening kit?

Teeth whitening is a relatively simple procedure. However, there are some things you need to know before the treatment:

  • Eat before you start. Opalescence tooth whitening systems are to be worn overnight for best results. However, suppose you are not comfortable wearing them overnight. In that case, opalescence tooth whitening systems could also be worn 2-4 hours twice a day.
  • Brush your teeth before the trays are inserted. Food deposits and plaque can prevent the whitening solution from entering the surface. It is recommended to clean your teeth right before you begin the process thoroughly. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist to clean your teeth professionally before taking the Opalescence whitening kit home. 
  • Use desensitizing toothpaste. For a few days, before you commence your whitening treatment, you should brush your teeth using desensitizing toothpaste to reduce tooth sensitivity for the procedure. Not everyone experiences sensitivity. However, if this is a concern, speak to your dentist on a few recommendations to help subside any sensitivity. 
  • Wear headphones. This may seem like an odd suggestion. However, as mentioned above, if you choose to wear the whitening solution for 2-4 hours during the day, you may need some distraction. Listening to music or watching a few episodes of your favorite show will help you relax and enjoy the process. Not to mention it may even help the time go by faster. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Think of the treatment process like a spa service. Wearing comfy clothing will help set the tone of the experience.
  • Make sure that you have a clean face. Do not wear any makeup or lipstick.

What to expect: professional teeth whitening kit in Brampton

Before you decide on purchasing a whitening kit, the dentist and staff at Torbram Dental will discuss the process with you and let you know whether the treatment is suitable for you. 


  • Brush and floss before the insertion of whitening trays.
  • Dispense a small drop of whitening product into each tooth space on whitening trays. Avoid getting gel on the gums; if this occurs, please use a cotton swab to wipe away excess product to minimize irritation of gums.
  • Using a bit of lip balm will help keep your lips hydrated. 


  • The whitening process takes 10-14 days. Once completed, the initial process of (10-15 days).
  • Opalescence tooth whitening systems could also be worn 2-4 hours twice a day.

After treatment protocols 

Once the procedure is done, you will experience teeth sensitivity for a few days. During this time, you should avoid cold and hot drinks and food. Slightly discolored gums are also typical for a few hours after the treatment. In order to make sure that you make the most out of your treatment, here are a few tips for maintaining your bright new smile after getting this popular cosmetic dentistry treatment:

  • Avoid dark-colored beverages and food as they can stain your teeth. This includes red wine, tea, coffee, berries, etc.
  • Always brush twice a day and floss as recommended by your dentist.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for a checkup.

Frequently asked questions 

Will I experience sensitivity after the teeth whitening treatment?

Yes, some patients experience sensitivity after their treatment. However, it doesn’t last for more than a few days.

Can I eat after my teeth whitening treatment?

Yes, but you should stay away from colored drinks or food for at least 24 hours after your procedure. 

Can I drink after my teeth whitening treatment? 

The teeth whitening procedure can make your teeth susceptible to stains temporarily. So, you should not consume any stain-causing foods and drinks for at least a day or two after the treatment. Light coloured or clear beverages can be consumed. As always, water is best. 

How often should I receive a professional teeth whitening treatment? 

To make sure that you make the most of your teeth whitening kit from Torbram Dental in Brampton, patients can do touch-ups once every six months safely. Any left-over product should be kept in a cool, dry place for additional applications.

How long will a teeth whitening treatment last? 

The Opalescence teeth whitening treatment results can last up to six months or longer depending on your oral hygiene maintenance and lifestyle. 

Teeth whitening procedures have a wide range of health and cosmetic visits. A teeth whitening kit must be purchased from your dental clinic to ensure your safety and maximize results. Contact Torbram Dental today for more information. 

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