Let Your Teeth Do the Talking

Your teeth help you chew good food and have great conversations, but did you know that they do a lot of talking on their own as well? One of the first things people notice when they meet someone is the other person’s smile. It is such an important part of who you are, and it speaks volumes. Your Brampton dentist shares what your teeth say about you.

What Do My Teeth Say About Me?

Your teeth are more than just a pretty smile. They can reveal a multitude of different things about you from your age all the way down to your personality. Here’s what your dentist in Brampton says your teeth can communicate:


Teeth that are younger are typically more rectangular in shape, while older ones tend to have more rounded edges. This is because of natural wear and tear that happens over the years, and the average human will lose between one to five millimeters of their tooth length in their lifetime.


Biological females’ central incisors (your two front teeth), are typically longer than the surrounding and more rounded lateral incisors on either side of them. In contrast, biological males’ lateral incisors tend to be more square and longer than those of females.

Mental Health

Much like fossils, the enamel on your teeth records the history of your body’s reactions to different experiences. Teeth can tell researchers whether an older person has been exposed to heavy metals or if they have a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s. If a child is malnourished or has been subjected to physical abuse, their teeth may have multiple cavities or be chipped.


This one might be news to you, but your teeth actually have a lot to say about your personality type:

  • Aggressive: Those with aggressive tendencies usually have more pointed canine teeth that are longer than their lateral incisors. These people are also prone to grinding, meaning there will be evidence of wear on their teeth.
  • Anxious: Like aggressive personalities, anxious people often grind or clench their teeth excessively, signaling feelings of stress or anxiety. This can lead to cracks or even tooth loss.
  • Competitive: Hallmarks of a competitive personality include jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and even consistent ice chewing. The enamel on teeth will often show signs of damage due to these habits.
  • Party Animal”: Indulging in excessive drinking, smoking, and carbonated drinks are typically associated with the party lifestyle, but the acid and sugar can take a toll on your teeth by leading to decay or gum disease.
  • Passive: If you’re a “chill” person who rarely deals with stress, you’ll likely have flatter canine teeth with curvier tips due to lack of grinding and clenching.

Your teeth are remarkable body parts that do much more than help you look great in photos. Next time you flash your pearly whites, think about what you want them to tell someone!

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