Use it before you lose it

Year-end is a time when you are extremely busy. You may be juggling multiple responsibilities like family work or even your kid’s school obligations. This leaves little time to consider your health benefits, especially dental ones. Many people fail to use their benefits at the proper time and potentially lose out on hundreds of dollars.

The importance of using your dental benefits 

Reasons for using dental benefits before they expire include:

 Annual maximums do not roll-over

Your dental benefits don’t roll over into the following year, so if the patient doesn’t use them, they will lose the remaining amount for the year.


It helps maintain your oral health while being gentle on your wallet.

It is costing you money

Most dental benefits are provided through your employer. But you will see the deductions in your paycheck. So, if you do not use your benefits, it is a waste of your hard-earned money.

Changing plans

Every year, healthcare plans undergo changes. Your benefits for the following year may not be as favorable as the ones available now.

Health benefits

Ignoring dental issues is never a good idea. Your oral health is vital and is connected to your overall health. Taking care of your teeth and oral health now will save you from a severe dental issue. Preventive benefits ensure that problems like oral cancer, cavities, tooth decay, or gum issues are found early.

Understanding dental benefits

The dental plan is typically included in the medical insurance package that you receive through your employer. You can also purchase it on your own. Dental insurance policies specify which procedures are covered by insurance. Treatment plans involve personalized strategies that dentists develop along with their patients to address the specific health issues of that particular patient.

The three tiers of dental coverage include:

  • Class 1: Preventative and diagnostic care, like x-ray and teeth cleaning
  • Class 2: Basic restorative care, like root canals and fillings
  • Class 3: Major restorative care, like bridges, dentures, and crowns

The majority of the time, cosmetic dentistry treatments that aren’t medically necessary are not covered by dental benefits.

Typically, your company will have an agreement with some insurance company that serves as your dental benefits administrator. They will reimburse you in accordance with the terms of your benefit plan. This plan will terminate along with the termination of your employment. You can also purchase one if you do not have one through your employer.

Dental plans typically operate in three ways:

• Preventive care in which 80% – 100% of the treatment is covered

• Minor restorative care in which 70% – 80% of the treatment is covered

• Major restorative care, of which 50% is covered.

But every plan is unique. Your plan will have stipulations on how to use your coverage. For example, some of the stipulations that are included with the benefits are:

• An annual maximum: This is the highest sum of money your insurance will spend on approved services within a given year.

• A deductible: This is the sum of money you are required to pay before your insurance is activated.

• A waiting period: Most insurance policies don’t demand that you hold off on receiving preventive treatment. You might have to wait for 6 to 12 months or longer to use your insurance for restorative services.

How to take advantage of your dental benefits 

You can take advantage of your dental benefits using some simple methods:

Book your appointments ahead of time 

A lot of people might be rushing for appointments towards the year-end. Make your appointment with the dentist ahead of time to prevent last-minute rushes.

Never miss an appointment

If you miss an appointment, it may be challenging to reschedule due to your busy lifestyle or the hectic schedule of your dentist.

Ask the right questions

Understanding what your benefits cover will help you and your dentist create a treatment plan suitable for your health and your wallet.

No benefit lasts forever. This is true in the case of dental benefits as well. Using your dental benefits before they expire is extremely important. Be sure to enjoy your dental benefits before year-end. December is rush time, don’t wait! Call Torbram Dental today to use your dental benefits.

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