Why is Your Tooth Enamel So Important? A Family Dentist in Brampton Lets You Know

person smilingTooth enamel can help protect you from a variety of oral health problems, so why don’t you know more about it? Knowing the parts of your teeth and how you can protect them can benefit your overall wellbeing and help you maintain a bright and healthy smile for years to come. A family dentist in Brampton lets you in on all you need to know about tooth enamel below.

What is Tooth Enamel?

The enamel of your teeth is the hard-outermost layer that helps protect your pearly whites from decay, cavities, and infection. It’s known as the hardest substance in your body and is stronger than bone. Even though it boasts super strength, acids that develop due to the consumption of snacks filled with carbohydrates or sugar can still damage it. Also, plaque and harmful oral bacteria produce acids that can erode your enamel and soften your tooth surface, leaving it vulnerable.

Why is Enamel Important?

Your tooth enamel keeps your pearly whites looking and feeling great and protects them from decay and eventually tooth loss. Because your enamel doesn’t contain living cells, it can’t regrow. Once it’s damaged, your body has no way of repairing it, leaving your teeth unprotected. Here are some ways that enamel damage can impact you:

  • Tooth sensitivity- When your enamel doesn’t insulate your teeth from extreme temperatures, you can experience extreme discomfort and sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks. You may also experience chronic sensitivity that can become a constant bother.
  • Tooth loss- When your enamel becomes damaged, it leaves your teeth vulnerable to bacteria that can infect your teeth and result in extraction and severe toothaches.
  • Tooth damage- Damaged enamel increases your risk of chipping, cracking, or fracturing your teeth.

Keeping your enamel intact is your dentist’s top priority because it helps prevent serious oral health problems.

How Can You Protect Your Enamel?

Protecting your enamel is the first step in keeping your mouth safe from gum disease and decay. Also, when you save your enamel, you’re reducing your risk of experiencing oral discomfort or pain due to problems such as tooth loss and infections. Here are some ways you can protect your enamel:

  • Reduce your consumption of acidic and sugary foods and drinks like juices, citrus fruits, and soda. If you do eat something acidic, be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward.
  • End your meal with a glass of milk or a piece of cheese to help neutralize acids.
  • Sugar-free gum can help lower the amount of acid in your mouth and help you produce more saliva.
  • Wait an hour before you brush your teeth once you’ve consumed an acidic food or beverage.
  • Conditions such as bulimia and alcoholism can heavily impact and damage your enamel, so it’s best to seek treatment.

The best way to protect your enamel is to visit your dentist in Brampton for a routine checkup and cleaning. To save your mouth and prevent future oral health problems and headaches, maintain healthy teeth and gums by sticking to your oral hygiene routine. Even though enamel is one of the strongest substances in your body, it’s not indestructible, which is why it’s so important to take care of it!

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