Summer smiles

Torbram Dental brings attention to the importance of summer oral care. (Source: Dental Associates blog, 4 Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles, Emily Skibinski, May 25,

Summer is here, and with it, a change in how people lead their lives. This is the season for having fun outdoors, traveling, as well as enjoying sports. Torbram Dental steps in to remind everyone that although the season for fun is here, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t focus on their dental hygiene. Torbram Dental reveals that summer can actually be a great time to teach kids about the importance of oral hygiene.

By taking care of their oral hygiene, people can ensure they have brilliant smiles throughout the season.

Summer and Oral Hygiene 

Torbram Dental says that there are several things people can do to improve their oral hygiene. The first of these is to make a routine. Many individuals tend to change routines and habits during the summer. Torbram Dental agrees with Emily Skibinski; parents can consider making a fun chart to ensure that kids stay on track with their routine. This chart should note when the child is brushing their teeth in the morning as well as at night. Parents can include flossing in this chart as well. It’s essential to maintain oral hygiene to prevent future dental issues.

Another thing people can consider doing, according to Emily Skibinski and Torbram Dental, is to avoid sugary drinks as well as snacks. People can be tempted to reach for a cool, sweet drink during the intense heat of the summer months. However, added sugars can cause cavities and tooth decay with time. Torbram Dental suggests that people can opt for healthier options, such as fruits, and fresh crisp veggies, to stay energized throughout the day.

When it comes to beverages, water is the best option. Juices and sports drinks tend to have a lot of added sugars that can cause tooth decay. Sugars found in such refreshing treats could stick to the enamel of the teeth and wear it down. People should consider carrying water with them at all times. Having a water bottle will ensure that staying hydrated is accessible. Torbram Dental adds, “try adding fruit slices and herbs to encourage a fresh summer taste”.

Smiling Brightly in the Summer 

Should parents have to deal with their children playing outdoor sports during the summer, Torbram Dental agrees with the article and recommends a mouthguard. This is a preventative measure against sports injuries, which could result in chipped teeth or tooth roots becoming fractured. When playing contact sports of any kind, says Torbram Dental, always use a mouthguard. This can enable people to protect their mouths from accidents during games.

Torbram Dental also recommends scheduling an appointment with a dentist. Regular check-ups are essential no matter what season it is. This helps ensure that tooth decay and other oral issues are controlled. With routine dental cleanings and check-ups, individuals of all ages can continue to smile brightly. Parents can take advantage of back-to-school dental appointments as well. Torbram Dental agrees with Emily Skibinski that a great way to stay ahead with healthy oral hygiene is to book an appointment ahead of time to ensure that people get the slot they want. 

These are just some tips Emily Skibinski offers that can enable people to smile brightly through the summer. Book an appointment with Torbram Dental to learn more about oral care and have a summer-ready smile.

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