To Smile With Confidence, Patients Seek Restorative Dentistry

istock_000012251527_smallIn addition to regular preventive care (like checkups and cleanings), you can also count on the doctors at Torbram Dental for your bigger smile improvements. Christine isn’t her real name, but she’s one of our patients who recently had her teeth transformed with restorative dental care. We like her story because we think it’s a good example of what excellent restorative dentistry can do for your life — keep reading to learn how she benefitted from her time at Torbram Dental.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

As Christine now knows, restorative dental care is what you need when you have one or more damaged or missing teeth. It’s a way to rebuild your smile after decay, injury, or genetics affect the function and appearance of the teeth.

Our patient had never been happy with the appearance of her smile, and she knew it wasn’t functioning quite like it should, either. She favored chewing on the side of her mouth where she didn’t worry about her partial denture slipping around. And she rarely smiled with confidence — some of her front teeth had been slightly chipped in a sports injury years ago. The damage was pretty minor, but it made a big difference in the way she felt about her smile.

Dental Implants Are a Stable Solution

First of all, Christine needed a more stable solution for her tooth loss. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting replacement — and that’s what she had been dealing with for almost a year. Her dentist evaluated her candidacy for dental implants and decided she could benefit from an implant-supported denture.

Like Christine, most adults over the age of 35 are missing at least one tooth. And the best option for tooth replacement is dental implants. They are the comprehensive solution to tooth loss, providing a prosthetic root as well as the visible crown that sits on top. Since Christine has had her implant-supported replacement, she has been able to eat, speak, and smile with real confidence once again.

CEREC One-Visit Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

Aside from being cosmetically flawed, Christine’s front teeth were pretty weak from that old injury. She needed a restoration to give her back the form and function of these teeth — and it was completed in just one visit to Torbram Dental.

CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) is a method that uses CAD/CAM technology and an in-house milling machine to allow your dentist to plan, prepare for, manufacture, and place your dental crown from the comfort of our office. One-visit dentistry uses digital imagery and beautiful, tooth-colored ceramic to produce a dental crown that fits, feels, and looks just like your natural tooth.

Christine couldn’t be happier with her new smile. Do you have serious dental damage like she did? Restorative dentistry at Torbram Dental fixes a full range of issues — from decay to broken, missing, and otherwise imperfect teeth. Your dentist will examine your whole mouth and determine what will suit you best.

Don’t put off making the improvements you and your smile need! Contact Torbram Dental to request an appointment today.

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