New Year, New Me, New Resolutions

It is finally a new year; another 365 days passed. It means another chance to improve our lifestyles and, of course, our health by establishing some long-term goals. However, looking at the past few years’ data, not many people are aware of what kind of resolutions can be made. That is why Torbram Dental has commented on a few essential resolutions for 2023. (Source: Healthline, 23 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep, By Jillian Kubaka, MS, R.D, Medically Reviewed by Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D., Nutrition, December 23, 2019, 

What goes into our body determines our health!

Torbram Dental opines, “relying too much on packaged food items and sweetened beverages can lead to the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body. Extreme intake of sugary edibles can attract tiny bacteria that can cause teeth decay.”

Therefore, limiting junk food consumption could be a good idea in this regard. But that does not necessarily mean one has to submit selflessly to chronic dieting. Torbram Dental shares that “restrictive measures like fad diets do more harm than good.”

Hence, avoiding them could be more fruitful. Instead, eating sumptuous meals cooked at home that are low in fat and include fresh vegetables would add more to one’s health. Remember, whole food items intake like fish, nuts, and whole grains that help in boosting one’s immunity should also be added to the diet.

Sedentary behaviour—our Nemesis!

It is now believed that sitting is the new smoking. Researchers have found that inactive people are at greater risk of suffering from diseases, just as smokers do.

That is why Torbram Dental believes, “this new year, we should take a step forward towards a more active lifestyle. Participating in physical activities of our choice could be a great start”.

This way, we would be more motivated to exercise every day, ensuring that our arch enemy—laziness—does not keep us from excellent health.

Self-care – The need of the hour

This is a broad term, however. Self-care means showering love on yourself. This can mean keeping a tab on your health, be it getting tested for diabetes or checked for cholesterol.

Being mindful of our hygiene also falls under this category. Practicing good habits like dental cleaning, teeth whitening, exfoliating our skin, and maintaining a good sleep schedule can benefit us. Cosmetic dentistry can help you smile confidently, and that is a good thing. There’s, however, more to it than just this.

Torbram Dental opines, “personal care also means taking time off from our busy schedules to do what we love. It can be practicing meditation, going on a vacation, or just trying our hands at a new hobby”.

All these can exponentially reduce stress levels and help in the production of the “happy hormone” dopamine. 

Negativity – A friend of existential crisis!

Torbram Dental shares, “the more we adapt to bad practices, the worse our health becomes. And perceiving ourselves, especially our body, in the negative light can lead us to develop dissatisfaction, which can, in turn, take a toll on our mental health”. 

What’s more? Torbram Dental believes, “Long-time exposure to screens is also detrimental. It can lead to poor emotional regulation, which can make us more impulsive and indifferent, and less amiable”. 

The same happens due to the consumption of alcohol. While we might feel an initial ‘boost’ after a pint, the next day, we will be robbed of our dopamine which may lead to the feeling of anxiousness. Not to mention affecting our oral health.

Therefore, in the words of Torbram Dental, “engaging in positive talks about the self, reducing screen time, and cutting ties with alcohol can keep one more amicable and sane.”

Let’s keep the planet in our thoughts—we live on it!

While we will inculcate at least a few of these resolutions in our daily life this new year, we should also consider the planet we live on. After all, its health also depends on your behaviour.

That is why Torbram Dental says, “choose sustainable household products, be it cosmetics or dish-washing liquid, to ensure that you contribute to mother nature.”

Torbram Dental shares, “A new year merely means the change of the calendar until we bring about a positive change in our life.” However, bringing about a positive change might take work for some. Hence, the need for a curated list! Torbram Dental believes “following these from the core of the heart will help encourage healthy discipline in our lives, helping us improve both our oral, physical and mental health.”

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