How to Maintain Your Oral Care Resolutions

Every year we make resolutions but find it an uphill task to follow them. Are you facing this dilemma with your oral care goals? What if we say you can have fun while sticking to your list? Here are a few great tips that will help you efficiently maintain your oral care resolutions. 

Book appointments ahead of time

Planning helps in all aspects of life. To maintain perfect oral hygiene, opt for dental cleaning and checkups once every six months. Like you would go to a spa for relaxing, treat your teeth to a spa day at the dentist! Plan and pre-book appointments, schedule calendar alerts, and take the necessary time off to take care of your teeth.  

Have an accountability buddy

Take the help of a friend who can remind you or, even better, accompany you to dental appointments. Now that you have oral care goals use mobile applications, alarms, and accountability buddies to help you stay on track. You can include tasks like drinking water, taking vitamins, and monitoring your sugar intake in this list.  

Track your progress

You have to consistently use oral hygiene products like teeth whitening systems to see visible results. It will not happen overnight. For example, Dental T’s home-care teeth whitening kit Opalescence takes 10-15 days to provide results. After which, you can do a touch-up once in six months. In such cases tracking your progress is essential. Keep a habit tracker journal by your bedside or a whiteboard in your bathroom, where you can make a note every time you fix the Opalescence tooth whitening system in your mouth. Ideally, you should keep it on overnight, but you can also do 2 to 4 hours twice a day if that is more comfortable for you. 

Invest in your oral hygiene routine

With the advancement of dentistry, many easy-to-use home kits are available to help you develop an ideal oral care routine. Visit your dentist to understand the type of products that work best for you, and invest in a home and travel kit. 

There are many fun products like the teeth whitening home kit Opalescence from Torbram Dental. Trying out new toothpaste, mouthwashes, and electric toothbrushes can also be exciting ways to develop an oral care habit. 

If you have neglected your oral health, you may have to go in for some cosmetic dentistry. But this will help you avoid further teeth problems. 

Stay positive and inspire others

Smiling is a reflection of one’s personality. Taking care of yourself is the most fantastic way of showing self-love. Setting up oral health goals was the first step, and following through with your resolutions is the next. Your dentist may point out some issues during your initial visits, but keeping up a disciplined oral care routine will definitely improve your teeth health. 

Be positive and vocal about your goals. You can be a glorious example for other members of your family and friend circle. 

Having a plan is good, but sticking with it is better. It is what matters. Make use of these tips to up your oral hygiene. Your healthy pearly whites will thank you!

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