Holiday Dental Tips

Torbram Dental weighs in on ten great tips for the holiday season. (Source: Absolute Dental, Top 10 Dental Tips For The Holidays, October 12, 2021, ).

Holidays will be upon us soon. And with them come all the delicacies you have been waiting for the entire year. Absolute Dental says that it’s natural for people to want to delight their taste buds and enjoy their favorite food during the festive season. Torbram Dental agrees, “while there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy all the scrumptious food and sweets, taking care of your dental health is important too.”

In the article, Absolute Dental offers ten practical dental cleaning tips for this holiday season.

Ten best holiday dental tips 

  1. Consume teeth-healthy foods 

Absolute Dental encourages you to eat teeth-healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more.

Torbram Dental shares, “consuming such foods will keep your teeth in good health. And while it is okay to indulge in your favorite treats during holidays, striking a balance by eating teeth-healthy food is also important. Make room for carrots, apples, and cucumbers in your plate because they keep your mouth fresh and teeth healthy.”

2 . Avoid certain food items 

In the original article, Absolute Dental recommends avoiding food items like sugary, sticky chewy, and hard food. Torbram Dental says, “while it is difficult to refrain from indulging in holiday sweets and treats, certain foods can stick to your teeth. When sticky foods get stuck between your teeth and are difficult to remove, it could potentially cause long-term oral health issues.” 

3 . Schedule your post-holiday dental checkup now 

Torbram Dental says, “to ensure that your teeth remain in their best health, go to your post-holiday dental cleaning and check now. Do not wait for the holidays to be over to visit your dentist.”

4 . Follow your dental health routine 

The original article stresses the importance of following your oral health routine throughout the holidays. “While it can be tempting to let go of your oral health routine during holidays, you should never do that,” suggests Torbram Dental.

5 . Don’t open presents with your teeth 

Many people tend to open presents with their teeth. Absolute Dental suggests not doing that. Torbram Dental agrees with this and says, “opening presents with your teeth can weaken the enamel and cause cracks in your teeth.”

6 . Drink a lot of water 

The original article also recommends drinking plenty of water to boost oral health. Torbram Dental shares, “along with improving your skin and keeping you hydrated, water can also remove bacteria on your teeth and keep your mouth fresh.”

7 . Have cinnamon gum

Torbram Dental shares, “cinnamon gum comes with cinnamon aldehyde- an ingredient that boosts your salivary glands. It can help you keep the oral bacteria at bay.”

8 . Drink clear beverages 

Torbram Dental shares, “consuming delicious light-colored or clear beverages will keep your teeth white. Dark-coloured beverages like red wine, sodas, and coffee can affect teeth and contribute to discolouration.”

9 . Nibble on chucks of cheese 

Agreeing with the original article’s ninth advice, Torbram Dental suggests, “nibbling on a chunk of cheese between bubbly sips will cut the acid content. It also protects your teeth’s enamel.”

10 . Have teeth cleaning kits handy 

Torbram Dental shares, “sometimes it becomes incredibly challenging to avoid holiday sweets and festive treats. In such a case, keeping your teeth cleaning kit with you can be very helpful.”  According to Torbram Dental, “taking care of your teeth cleaning and oral health can help you enjoy the holiday season even more. So, consider the recommendations made in the original article and ensure that your teeth stay healthy this holiday season!” 

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