Fifth Annual Free Day of Dental Care

“Hi Friends!
Smile. It’s free..
Our fifth annual free day of dental care, Warm Hearts Big Smiles, was held last Saturday. It was once again a day filled with giving, smiles, laughter, and friendship.
We were very happy to provide $17,378 of free dentistry – cleanings, fillings and extractions – for 73 patients! We also collected 10 pounds of non-perishable food items for the local food bank!

I’d like to thank Sinclair Dental, Patterson Dental, K Dental, and Clinical Research for their generous donations of dental supplies and sundries.
There are many people to whom I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for their generous gift of time and energy. You all worked so hard to make this day happen and flow seamlessly.
I’d like to acknowledge and thank Simrit, Danielle, Stephanie, Rita, and Megan who were at the front door registering and greeting the patients, and Dr. Maria Grignano who reviewed every patient’s medical health, checked their BP and ensured that they were safe to be treated by us.
I’d like to acknowledge and thank our talented team of dental assistants; Raman, Lubna, and Hiral. I also want to thank Merilyn from Everest College and the group of student dental assistants from Medix: Raman, Anajab, Kavita and Tulasi.
And finally, I want to acknowledge and thank the team of dental caregivers who gave generously of their talents. Thank you to Dr. Zaid Babahami and Dr. Joseph Hasso, and of course the best dental hygiene team in Brampton – Sally, Carrie, Daniela, Tonia and Gloria.
It was a great way to give back to our community and is my favourite day at the office every year.


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