New Year, New You with Your Cosmetic Dentist in L6T 5C8

What can my cosmetic dentist in L6T 5C8 do for me?You want to do better this year, right? Improve your health and appearance at the same time, yes? That doesn’t have to mean cutting out sugar or heading to the gym in January. One of the simplest and most effective ways you can revamp yourself is by getting a new smile. You can get results now rather than needing to wade through months of hard work, all with the help of your cosmetic dentist in L6T 5C8 at Torbram Dental.

How Does Cosmetic Dentistry Help?

Are your teeth discoloured, chipped, or broken? All the brushing in the world isn’t going to fix that. In fact, nothing in your home care routine can improve anything about the appearance of your smile. Brushing and flossing can help maintain the current look of your smile, and is very important to keeping it healthy, but when it comes to aesthetics, you need more. That is where cosmetic dentistry comes in. It can take your teeth and confidence to the next level, no matter what aspect you are trying to improve.


A simple fact is that people like white teeth. However, keeping them white over time can be difficult. Factors such as coffee, wine, tobacco, diet, and even genetics can leave your teeth looking dull and discoloured.

Teeth-whitening is the easiest way to brighten your smile. One quick visit to the office can make your teeth 6-10 shades whiter in about an hour. We simply apply a highly-concentrated bleaching gel to break up years of ground-in stains.  Afterward, simple brushing and flossing can maintain the color for several months. We can even provide you with a custom-made take-home kit so you can get the same kind of results on your own schedule.

Cosmetic Bonding

One of the quickest and easiest ways to repair a variety of cosmetic issues is with cosmetic bonding. A custom-shaded composite resin will be bonded to your teeth and molded to improve their shape, size, colour, and alignment. The resin is then instantly hardened using a UV light. You can have the entire procedure done in about an hour, and the results can last for years with regular brushing and flossing.

Porcelain Veneers

Do you have broken, stained, or misaligned teeth? How about large, obvious gaps? You might even have all of them, and separate procedures to fix each problem would be expensive and time consuming.

A simpler choice is to just get porcelain veneers, which are able to fix and mask all of these cosmetic issues with one procedure. They are custom-designed ceramic coverings that are fitted to the front of your teeth. You can get them in as little as two visits, and they can completely makeover your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Everyone notices metal fillings because they are such a different color than natural teeth. Whenever one of the doctors repairs a cavity, they want the tooth to be healthy and beautiful, and they’re able to do that with tooth-coloured fillings. Rather than metal, tooth-coloured fillings use a composite resin to fill in your tooth’s lost structure, all the while blending in seamlessly with your smile. The resin is able to bond to your teeth more securely than traditional metal fillings, and requires less of your tooth to be removed. This means you get the best when it comes to look, effectiveness, and durability, all with one treatment.

Gum Lifts

The gums play a large part in how your smile looks as well. Teeth that appear too short and produce a “gummy” smile can now be fixed using a gum lift. Dr. Fava will use a highly-advanced soft tissue laser to painlessly remove excess gum tissue and give you a better looking, more balanced smile.

Any Questions?

Most of these treatments can be completed in one or two easy visits, give you dramatic results, and can help you start 2017 with renewed confidence. Start the New Year with a new smile, a new you.

If you want your smile to start looking better today, make an appointment with us right now.

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