Correcting Imperfections With Dental Bonding

Do you suffer from awkward-looking teeth? You might feel uncomfortable because of dental imperfections, which may occur due to misalignment or improper development of teeth. Dental imperfections may be of several types; read on to know more about them.

Dental imperfection types:

1. Chips or cracks-

A portion of the teeth may be chipped or cracked due to an accident or injury.

2. Mis-shaped teeth-

Poor habits like sucking fingers or certain injuries can cause misalignment of teeth leading to misshapen teeth.

3. Gaps in teeth-

This may happen due to poor dental health or improper jaw-to-teeth ratio.

4. Discoloured teeth-

Teeth may be discolored due to poor dental health, oral diseases, or deficiency of minerals like calcium. In such cases, dental cleaning and teeth whitening are advised.

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry that can help rectify these dental imperfections and make the teeth look younger. 

Dental bonding:

Dental bonding or teeth bonding is a process in which a resin material is applied and hardened. UV light is used to bond the material to the tooth so as to restore the naturally beautiful smile. 

Advantages of dental bonding-

1. It helps to close the space between teeth.

2. It makes the teeth look young.

3. It gives a good shape to the teeth.

4. It repairs cracked or chipped teeth.

5. It improves the appearance of discolored teeth.

Dental bonding helps us to achieve overall health and well-being by improving our smile and giving us much-needed confidence due to the perfect smile. A properly aligned jaw due to teeth bonding helps prevent several other issues.

The procedure of dental bonding:

1. The dentist will select a composite resin material according to the teeth’ color.

2. They will then roughen the tooth surface and applies a conditioning liquid.

3. Your dentist will apply the composite resin material by molding and smoothing it in the desired shape.

4. Then, the dentist will use UV light to harden the resin.

5. Lastly, they will polish your tooth for a natural shine. 

The process usually may take about 30 minutes, in some cases 60 minutes per tooth. The dental bonding procedure provided by Torbram Dental is painless and very effective.

Taking care of teeth for overall good health:

It would be best if you took care of your dental imperfections to achieve the perfect smile and prevent several other complications. Dental imperfections can lead to tooth decay, oral infection, inflammation, bad breath, or even nerve damage!

Misshapen teeth are challenging to clean and are prone to bacterial infections, which may lead to chronic inflammation. This, in turn, can potentially cause several chronic diseases due to reduced immune response. 

Therefore, taking care of your dental health can significantly impact your overall health and help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s or cardiac ailments.

Tips for maintaining good oral health:

1. Be consistent with oral hygiene 

2. Visit your dentist 

3. Don’t ignore dental treatments 

4. Balanced healthy diet 

5. Minimize stress

6. Avoid unhealthy habits – sugar, tobacco products, and alcohol  A healthy body with a healthy smile is not difficult to achieve. It all starts with some essential habits. If things go wrong, there is always professional help that can help achieve good oral and overall health. Contact Torbram Dental today for more information.

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