Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month with Children’s Dentistry in Brampton

Young girl brushing teethFebruary is home to many holidays and events, but one that you may not know about is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Did you know that each year, children miss about 51 million hours of school because of dental-related health issues? In an effort to raise awareness on the importance of your kids’ oral health, your dentist has come up with easy tips to help them take care of their mouth. Keep reading to learn about these tips as well as the vitality of children’s dentistry in Brampton.

Schedule Routine Appointments

Routine checkups and cleanings keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy by preventing and detecting oral health issues. Even if they have a great brushing and flossing routine, these visits will make sure their smile is in good shape. Additionally, the more positive experiences that your little one has early on in their life with the dentist, the more likely they will be to make dental visits on their own.

Change Out Your Kids’ Toothbrushes

Do you switch out your kids’ brushes every 3 to 4 months? This important step makes sure they’re receiving the full benefits of their brush without reinserting bacteria. You can also check their bristles to make sure they aren’t frayed. Frayed bristles can lead to worsened cleaning and even damage from abrasion due to hard bristles.

Become a Part of Their Routine

It’s unfortunately a fact of life that your children behave differently when you’re around versus when you’re not. That’s why it’s a good idea to brush your teeth with your kids. You can show them how it’s done, make sure they’re brushing for the full 2 minutes, and even make it a more enjoyable experience. You can play their favorite song to turn brushing into a party, or you can think of little rewards or incentives to give them for a job well done.

Feed Them Mouth-Healthy Snacks

Sugar is a leading cause of cavities and tooth decay, so it’s important to avoid sweets if you can. While children love sugar, it’s vital to try to feed them mouth-healthy foods. This means water instead of soda and greens instead of candy. If you’re going to give them sugar, make sure it’s food that dissolves quickly in their mouth. Hard candies or sticky sweets tend to stay in their mouths for long periods of time, increasing their chances of cavities and decay.

Now that you know some helpful tips for keeping your kids healthy, you can celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month the right way!

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