8 Healthy Summer Smile Tips

Summer is officially in full swing. With the excitement of sunny days and warm nights, most of us are going to be smiling a lot. After all, who doesn’t love the summer months, right?

But hang on, flashing your smile confidently may require you to take some tips into consideration.

Dental rules still apply whether you’re still a child, teenager, or even an adult.

Suppose you want to have a perfectly white smile during the summer months. In that case, we suggest you consider these simple and easy-to-follow tips.

This article will quickly go through eight essential tips to keep your summer smile as perfect as possible!

Tip 1- Summer treats

For most people, summer means sweet treats. Yes, we’re talking about popsicles, candies, frozen treats, sweet fruits, or even sweet teas and beverages. Did you know these things can harm your teeth or even lead to discoloration?

If you’re indulging in sweet treats, you can either cut down on the quantity or can follow a rigid dental cleaning schedule. What does this mean? It’s simple! Make it a point to brush every morning and night, especially if you consume caffeinated beverages or soft drinks, which can lead to teeth discoloration.

Also, chewing on ice treats, such as popsicles, is terrible for your teeth. We know how tempting chewing on ice or flavored popsicles can be. However, these can chip your tooth one at a time. Instead, drinking cold water might be a better choice. Add fresh fruit and herbs to flavor your H2O. 

Tip 2- Summer activities

What does summer remind you of? For so many people, summer means game time and outdoor activities. Just be careful if you’re playing contact sports during summer.

Sometimes, it can be unfortunate, and you might be at the receiving end of the ball. Your teeth will surely not be thankful to you if you don’t wear a mouthguard. Protect your teeth with a mouthguard to safeguard your summer smile this summer!

Tip 3- Stay hydrated

Dental health and water go hand-in-hand. Staying hydrated is not only beneficial for your general wellbeing, but your dental health will also benefit you a lot.

Staying hydrated allows for saliva production. Why does this matter, you ask? Saliva helps prevent the build-up of plague. And let’s be honest, no one wants these pesky yellowish build-ups on their teeth.

So the solution? Remember to consume a lot of water during summer.

Tip 4- Protect your lips

Most people focus on their teeth when they smile. However, your lips are equally important.

Exposure to the sun during summer can affect your lips. Sunburn can cause discoloration, excessive dryness, and sensitivity.

Remember to use a lip balm with SPF (Sun Protection Formula). Lips are easy to damage since they lack melanin. But there’s nothing a good lip balm with SPF cannot prevent or fix.

Tip 5 – Summer snacks

The most important piece of advice that dentists can give is to watch what you put in your mouth!

Summer means it’s time for all the sweet and sugary treats! While you can still eat them, it’s better to limit them. Instead, change up your selection of goodies.

It is pretty tempting and easy to binge on chocolate bars, popsicles, candies, or sweet treats in general. However, your teeth will not be thankful to you if you continue this habit.

According to dental health experts, healthy snacks, including fresh vegetables and fruits, are advisable.

You can also try detergent foods. These are crisp, firm foods like carrots, popcorn, lettuce, celery sticks, or even apples. Such food freshens your breath and cleans your teeth as you eat them, which is a bonus!

Tip 6- Visit the dentist and schedule a dental cleaning

It’s easy to forget about your dental health during the summer months, especially when everything is fun and games. But, skipping a dental health appointment can lead to severe consequences.

Part of your summer plans should include a scheduled visit with your dentist at least once or twice during the summer months. They’ll help you check for plaque build-up, tooth decay, or other signs that may affect your summer smile.

Tip 7- Skip Carbonated Beverages

If there is one thing that dental health experts stress, it is to skip carbonated beverages. Why? Because they contain acid that’s bad for your enamel.

Indulging in such beverages can slowly lead to teeth discoloration and tooth decay. And honestly speaking, no one wants that.

You can try other alternatives. For example, making fresh fruit juice at home is ideal for quenching your summer thirst. And the good news is, you’ll be protecting your teeth.

Tip 8- Use Fun Straws

This final tip might seem confusing, right? What does a straw have to do with a dental cleaning and overall dental health? Well, it’s simple.

For many of us, it is borderline impossible to cut out caffeinated beverages or carbonated drinks completely. So, if you find yourself reaching for fizzy and artificially coloured drinks, remember to use a straw.

Using a straw reduces your teeth’s contact with the beverage. Straws are also a fun, great way to encourage young ones and even adults to maintain hydration levels. 

Dental health, hygiene, and cleaning are vital. No matter the season, you need to look out for your teeth if you want to have the perfect smile.

But summer requires an extra effort because of all the sweet and cold things you crave for.

If you wish to flash the perfect summer smile, remember to take note of the tips listed above. Contact Torbram Dental today for more information. 

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