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Top tips to make your dental cleaning last longer

March 20, 2022

Dental cleaning is where you can sit back and have your teeth cleaned and polished professionally by a dentist. An annual cleaning ensures good oral hygiene and keeps your teeth healthy. If you want to make your dental cleaning last longer, you need to take care of your teeth regularly and have healthy lifestyle practices put in place. 

Benefits of a professional dental cleaning 

Professional teeth cleaning by a dentist is essential as it can ensure your teeth are clean and healthy plus, there are other benefits:

  • It helps to remove stains and discoloration, keeping your teeth white and bright.
  • It is the best way to prevent gum disease.
  • A dental cleaning can help detect tooth problems that include broken fillings and even severe health issues like oral cancer.
  • Getting your teeth cleaned regularly prevents gum disease, which in turn has a positive impact on heart health since there is a strong link between cardiovascular disease and gum disease.
  • It helps strengthen and protect your teeth.

Five tips on how to make your dental cleaning last longer 

1) Cut down on soda and sugar

Soda can abrade the enamel of your teeth, resulting in cavities. Sugar makes it easy for bacteria to grow and can lead to the plaque being formed. So cut down soda and sugar for teeth health.

2) Get the right oral hygiene equipment

You need the proper oral hygiene equipment that includes a good brush with soft bristles and floss. You also need oral hygiene products recommended by your dentist, like mouthwash and toothpaste.

3) Use the proper brushing technique

Brush and floss your teeth 30-60 minutes after the meal. Flossing first, followed by brushing, can get you the best results. Move your brush in a circular fashion, and don’t press hard on the teeth.

4) Eat detergent foods good for the teeth

Detergent foods are those that are good for the teeth. They are firm and crisp and help clean your teeth naturally. Eat them at the end of the meal. Examples are – carrots, apples, celery sticks, cucumbers, lettuce, and cheese.

5) Stay on top of dental appointments and routine dental cleanings 

Never miss a dental appointment. Ensure you get your teeth cleaned once a year or as per the schedule given to you by your dentist.

What to expect during a routine cleaning 

  • A teeth cleaning session takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. You will first relax in the waiting room, where you interact with the friendly staff. You will then be made comfortable before you get on to the dental chair.
  • The dentist will first check your teeth and let you know if there are any problems.
  • A scaler is then used to remove plaque or tartar from the teeth. This is done gently, so you don’t feel pain.
  • An electric brush is used to help polish your teeth, so it remains bright, clean, and smooth.
  • The dentist will then ask you to rinse your teeth to get rid of any polish in the mouth.

Taking good care of your oral hygiene throughout the year can help ensure your teeth and gums are in good condition. Contact Torbram Dental to schedule your next dental cleaning today!

Acidic foods and oral health

March 13, 2022

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Torbram Dental weighs in on the potential oral health issues caused by acidic foods and beverages. (Source: Oral Health Foundation, June 10, 2019,

When you hear the term ‘ acid,’ the first thing that might come into your mind would be the bottles full of chemicals in your chemistry class or the ones you saw in a TV show. The fact is that certain food acids can cause indigestion and heartburn, which is known to many. However, not many people know about its role in your oral health.

Most foods and drinks that you consume every day have low acidity. However, some foods with high enough acid content cause a problem. These drinks and foods can lead to issues with your enamel and dental erosion. Explaining the effect acid has on your mouth, Torbram Dental says, “Acid weakens your teeth’s enamel, leaving them susceptible to damage. When you eat acidic foods, the enamel becomes softer for a while and loses some mineral content. Your saliva cancels this acidity out slowly and returns the mouth to its natural balance. But, if this happens frequently, your mouth won’t have the chance to recover, resulting in you losing your enamel.”

Enamel is your tooth’s coating protecting the sensitive dentine present underneath. If it is worn away, it exposes the dentine leading to sensitivity and pain, and ultimately a much-needed dental cleaning procedure. According to Torbram Dental, “The most common acids found in drinks and foods are citric acids, phosphoric acids, and carbonic acids.”

The most common sign of an acidic drink is its fizziness. This includes any type of fizzy drinks, including carbonated drinks, pops, and sodas. Even if you are drinking the ‘diet’ version, it can be harmful. Torbram Dental highlights that some alcohol can be acidic as well. Some alcoholic beverages include beer, white wine, alcopops, and prosecco; these items can be highly erosive for your teeth. The best way to avoid the damage these fizzy drinks can cause is by limiting your exposure and scheduling regular teeth cleaning.

There are certain fruits with enough citric acid to encourage dental erosion. Citrus fruits have to be the worst offenders. This includes limes, lemons, grapes, blueberries, plums, and grapefruits. Apart from these, tomatoes, oranges, peaches, and pineapples are high in acid as well. Now, you can’t remove these fruits from your diet altogether. However, Torbram Dental recommends that you consume fruits only during mealtimes. It would give your body the required amount of daily portions without putting any unnecessary strain on your teeth. They further added that you should not consume fruits in the form of juice as most packaged juices have a high sugar content, which is not suitable for your oral health.

If you have sensitive teeth, it might be a sign of dental erosion. If this happens, Torbram Dental suggests that you visit your dentist immediately to figure out the cause of this sensitivity. To avoid an emergency dentist visit in the first place, you need to prevent enamel erosion. Instead of giving up on acidic foods, what you can do is limit consumption. As per the experts at Torbram Dental, “This includes never sucking on highly acidic fruits, using a straw while drinking juices, rinsing your mouth after eating, and brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.” With these simple yet effective tricks, you will be able to protect your enamel and maintain a healthy smile.

How to Choose the Best Brampton Family Dentist

March 21, 2018

Young boy in a dental chair giving thumbs upFinding a dentist is easy. There’s probably one within a mile of your home or office. Finding the right dentist is a little more difficult, especially if you’re looking for a dental team to accommodate the oral health care needs of your whole family. If you’re currently searching for the best Brampton family dentist, we invite you to explore all that the Torbram Dental team has to offer. We hope you’ll consider trusting our dedicated dentist and team with all of your family’s dentistry needs. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the things you should look for to ensure you’ve found the best Brampton family dentist.

4 Things You Need to Know About the Cost of Dental Implants

December 4, 2017

Smiling senior man in dental chairDental implants are fast becoming the most popular tooth replacement option as they replace both the roots and the crowns of lost teeth, delivering the most natural look, feel, and function. The one thing that keeps many patients from jumping right into a dental implant tooth replacement plan is the cost. While dental implant placement and restoration can be pricey on the front end, the result is a permanent tooth replacement solution. Keep reading to find out some important facts about the cost of dental implants.

Flossing – Am I Doing It Right?

September 11, 2015

Learn how to floss your teeth the correct way.It’s a common question we receive from our patients and the truth is, there is a wrong way to floss teeth. Usually it consists of either not flossing outright or going through the motions. When it comes to your oral health, you shouldn’t be lackadaisical. When your oral health is suffering it can affect other areas of your body. Your overall health is closely linked to oral health, so that’s why it’s so important to first of all floss, but also do it correctly.

When you come to our office in Brampton, ON, you’ll be treated to an array of services that can help your oral health stay in great shape. Part of our dentistry services involve keeping our patients educated on dental practices. Preventive dentistry goes a long way in determining whether or not a patient’s oral health will adequately sustain over time. By practicing good dental hygiene habits like flossing, you’re doing your oral health and smile a favor. Good oral health encourages great overall health and can have you smiling confidently for years to come. Dr. Fava is the Brampton, ON dentist that families from around the area can trust to deliver excellent results.

Brampton Dentist Has Five Tips for Good Brushing

September 3, 2015

toothbrushing man learns 5 tips from brampton dentistToothbrushing 101: 5 Easy Steps from your Brampton Dentist

In the spirit of back-to-school season, we thought we’d go back to the basics for a minute and cover something you learned a long, long time ago: how to brush your teeth. Properly. I don’t mean a lazy, I-had-to-wake-up-early scrub and rinse. You know that’s not good for your teeth–don’t cut corners in one of the most crucial parts of good dental care!

Dr. Fava Offers Laser Dentistry for More Comfortable and Less Invasive Dental Care in Brampton, ON

December 24, 2014

499274523Do you avoid dental visits because of dental drills and needles? For the many patients who suffer from a dental anxiety, the very thought of dental work can send chills down the spine. Most of the time, their fear is derived from the presence of dental tools like drills, needles, or scalpels. Today however, modern dentistry affords the retirement of some of these tools, which have been replaced in many procedures, by the less invasive and pain free dental laser. Laser dentistry has completely replaced the need for these antiquated dental tools in many treatments. To enjoy the benefits of modern laser dentistry, make your next appointment with Torbram Dental. Dr. Fava consistently delivers comfortable, pain free care. Torbram Dental proudly serves patients throughout Brampton, Mississauga, Georgetown, Woodbridge, and the surrounding Ontario communities.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Dental lasers work by delivering beams of energy in light form. In dentistry, lasers can gently cut away or shape soft tissue. Lasers can also be used to strengthen the bond between a filling and a tooth. For teeth whitening treatment, lasers can enhance the effect of the bleaching agents.

How Is Laser Dentistry Used?

  • Treat Periodontal Disease: Lasers can be used to remove diseased gum tissue and reshape the gum line. They can also be used to prevent gum disease from forming. Lasers remove tooth decay from tooth roots by removing the gum tissue covering the decay. They may also be used to decontaminate deep gum pockets that store bacteria.
  • Gum Contouring: Lasers can be used in soft tissue crown lengthening procedures to reshape and expose healthy tooth underneath. This procedure may be performed to provide a stronger base for dental restorations, or to cosmetically reshape the gum line.
  • Root Canal Therapy: Lasers can easily melt away root canal infection. They can also be used to sterilize the mouth before or during dental treatments.

Why Choose An Ontario Laser Dentistry For Your Dental Care?

Brampton Laser Dentistry Appointments

Research has confirmed the effectiveness of laser dentistry as an alternative to dental drilling. Lasers are more accurate than other tools, and can significantly reduce post- treatment healing times. Although laser dentistry cannot be used with every procedure, it can make a valuable contribution toward your continued care and comfort. Make your laser dentistry appointment with Torbram Dental today. Dr. Fava and his team are highly qualified laser dentistry experts. Torbram Dental proudly restores smiles daily throughout Brampton, ON, Mississauga, Georgetown, Woodbridge, and nearby areas.

The Truth about Gum Disease

September 15, 2014

476106489If you have pain, soreness, sensitivity or inflammation in your gums, you may have some form of gum disease. The good news is that there are treatments available to repair the affects of gum disease. Gum disease is most commonly caused by plaque and tartar build-up. However, there are other factors that may put you at risk for gum disease. The best way to prevent gum disease is to have a dental check-up and cleaning every six months. Whether you are trying to avoid gum disease, or you need comprehensive treatment for your gum disease, the dentists at Torbram Dental can help you. Make an appointment with Torbram Dental today. Torbram Dental is conveniently located in Brampton, ON, with appointments available for patients in nearby Mississauga, Georgetown and Woodbridge.

Risk Factors for Gum Disease

  • Smoking- will dramatically increase your chances of developing gum disease and can lower the chances for successful treatment.
  • Hormonal Changes-in girls and women. These changes can make gums more sensitive and make it easier for gingivitis to develop.
  • Diabetes– people with diabetes are at higher risk for developing infections, including gum disease.
  • Pre-Existing Illnesses– diseases like cancer or AIDS and their treatments can negatively affect the health of gums.
  • Medication– some prescription and over-the-counter medications can reduce the flow of saliva, which has a protective effect on the mouth. Without enough saliva, the mouth is vulnerable to infections such as gum disease.
  • Genetics- some people are more prone to severe gum disease than others.
  • Age and Sex– men are more likely to have gum disease than women. People don’t usually develop gum disease until their 30s and 40s.

Stages of Gum Disease

The longer plaque and tartar are allowed to accumulate on teeth, the more harmful they become. The bacteria cause inflammation of the gums called gingivitis. With gingivitis, the gums become red, swollen and can bleed easily. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that can usually be reversed with daily brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings. When gingivitis is not treated, it can advance to periodontitis. With periodontitis, your gums pull away from your teeth and form spaces that become infected. If this condition goes untreated, the bones, gums, and tissue that support the teeth will be destroyed. These teeth may become loose and need to be removed.


Gum Disease Treatment in Brampton, Ontario, CA

Restorative treatment options for gum disease may include:

  • Flap surgery to remove tartar deposits in deep pockets or to reduce the periodontal pocket
  • Tissue grafts where the dentist performs procedures to help regenerate any bone or gum tissue lost to periodontitis
  •  Bone grafting where natural or synthetic bone is placed in the area of bone loss to promote bone growth

Whether you are trying to prevent gum disease, suspect that you have the early stages of gum disease, or are already in the advanced stages of gum disease, make an appointment with Torbram Dental today to discuss your treatment options. Torbram Dental proudly serves patients throughout Brampton, ON, and nearby Mississauga, Georgetown and Woodbridge.

Prevent Sports Injuries This Summer with Custom Athletic Mouthguards

July 10, 2014

shutterstock_191389331Summer is here and it’s time to head outside and enjoy everything the season has to offer, including fun sports and recreational activities with family and friends. With all of this excitement to look forward to, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront of our minds. At Torbram Dental in Brampton, Ontario, CA, Dr. Vince Fava and Dr. Summer Al Maqdassy want to help keep you and your sports-loving family safe this summer; that is why we offer a variety of general and preventive dentistry solutions, including custom athletic mouthguards.

The Custom-Fit Difference

Unlike the athletic mouthguards you can purchase online or at your local sporting goods store, a customized oral appliance from Torbram Dental is created to precisely fit your unique dentition. This translates to a flawless, comfortable fit that enhances performance during gameplay. The seamless fit allows the player to breathe more efficiently than bulky, over-the-counter mouthguards, and the custom-molded shape offers superior protection from trauma. Children and adults of all ages reap the benefits of a custom sports mouthguard in a variety of activities, including the following:

  • Baseball and softball
  • Football, rugby, and soccer
  • Wrestling, boxing, and martial arts
  • Field hockey, ice hockey, and inline skating
  • Skateboarding and surfing
  • Gymnastics and acrobatics
  • Skydiving and skiing
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo
  • Weightlifting

The American Dental Association strongly recommends that individuals of all ages wear a custom mouthguard while engaging in these activities, and our doctors do, too. Call us to learn more about how easy it can be to protect your teeth, gums, and other orofacial features from harm with a sports mouthguard designed just for you.

Protection You Can Trust

Take your game to the next level and protect yourself from orofacial injuries this season with a custom-fit athletic mouthguard from the team at Torbram Dental. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with our friendly, experienced staff and experience the difference for yourself. Our state-of-the-art dental practice in Brampton, Ontario happily welcomes patients from throughout nearby areas as well, including Woodbridge, Georgetown, Mississauga, and beyond.

The Importance of General Dentistry Checkups at Torbram Dental

June 2, 2014

Shutterstock Happy Male Patient with StaffYou brush and floss your teeth every day, so why is it so important to go to the dentist for regular checkups? This is a question that many people ask themselves, wondering why spend the time in the dental chair if you’re already cleaning at home. General dentistry checkups, however, are incredibly important, helping you keep your natural teeth healthy and looking great for a lifetime. At Torbram Dental in Brampton, Ontario, Dr. Vince Fava and Dr. Summer Al Maqdassy offer a variety of comprehensive general dentistry services to ensure your lifelong oral health and wellness.

Preventive Care for Sparkling Smiles

At your general dentistry checkups, we will take the time to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have regarding your teeth and gums, making sure that you fully understand any necessary treatments we recommend. Your full exam will include digital x-ray imaging, allowing our team to see any potential problems that may arise before they become more serious. Our thorough cleanings will remove any buildup of plaque along the gum line, thereby greatly reducing your risk of developing periodontal disease.

General dentistry checkups also provide us with the opportunity to perform any preventive measures necessary, including fluoride treatments to fortify tooth enamel and dental sealants to help protect against tooth decay. Our primary goal is to make you feel comfortable and satisfied as we take care of your pearly whites, keeping them that way with a complete range of general and preventive treatments.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Has it been longer than six months since you last visited the dentist? What about the little ones in your family? Biannual preventive checkups help keep your smile looking and feeling its best, so it’s important to remember to schedule yours. Contact us today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Vince Fava and Dr. Summer Al Maqdassy in Brampton, Ontario, CA. We look forward to seeing and serving your beautiful smile! Our practice happily serves patients from throughout Brampton, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Georgetown and more.

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