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Dental Implants Restore Your Natural, Healthy Looking Smile

October 15, 2014

184898853Whether from decay or by injury, one tooth or more may be missing from your smile. You may be self-conscious of your missing teeth. Beyond that, however, the consequences can be detrimental to your oral health, as well as your general health. Dental implants are artificial teeth that replace those that are missing. With dental implants, the dentists at Torbram Dental—Dr. Vince Fava, Dr. Summer Al Maqdassy and Dr. Joseph Hasso— in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, can give you back your smile.

The Consequences of Missing Teeth

Dental Implants can prevent a number of the undesirable consequences of having one or more missing teeth. Obviously, there is the appearance of a missing tooth in your smile. But the possible repercussions don’t end there. Missing teeth may cause the shape of your face to change, leaving you with a more aged appearance. Likewise, one missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift, thereby changing your bite; that can lead to other problems such as teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. Missing teeth may cause the jawbone to deteriorate in the location where there is a missing tooth. Finally, missing teeth may actually increase the risk of cavities and periodontal disease (gum disease).

Dental Implants for Your Smile and Your Health

When you come to Torbram Dental for dental implants, you can be certain that you are receiving the finest care. Your dentist will first implant an anchor and post in your jawbone. The anchor functions much like the root of a tooth, holding the implant in place. The post extends out of the anchor and serves to hold your new tooth, or crown, in place. After giving your jaw a few months to heal and grow around the post, you’ll return to Torbram Dental for the crown. With the same brushing and flossing care you give your natural teeth, your dental implant will give you years of happy smiles!

Make an Appointment Today

If you think dental implants may solve the problem of your missing teeth, call the office Torbram Dental in Brampton, Ontario, CA. We’ll be happy to discuss your best options. Our office also serves patients in Georgetown, Woodbridge and Mississauga.

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